What is a ukulele strap?

While almost all guitar players get a strap eventually, uke players get to decide whether they want one or not.

An ukulele strap does basically the same thing for uke players as a guitar strap helps guitar players – when attached to a ukulele, it will help the player balance it on their shoulder, allowing them to play their instrument in a upright position.

Of course, there are better models, budget ones, and those in between, but we’re not here to review ukulele straps – we’re here to help you get acquainted with the types so you can better understand which one you need and why. Learn about ukulele at soundchime.com

Types of ukulele straps

There’s a chance that new types of ukulele straps are being invented, or at least thought about right at this very moment, but let’s not dabble with the sphere of the unknown – what we do know is that some of the most famous types of uke straps are standard straps, guitar-style straps, uke leashes, and mobius straps.

Standard strap

Standard straps are also among the most popular uke strap options. They need two buttons in order to be properly ‘installed’ on a ukulele, where one should be drilled at the neck base, and the other at the bottom end of your instrument.

People mostly prefer using standard uke straps as they are as straightforward as possible. They feel rather comfortable and help the player to evenly spread weight of ukulele across the back.

There’s one downfall here, though. There are ukuleles that simply won’t balance evenly with a standard strap, no matter how accurately you’ve installed the strap buttons. Basically, standard ukulele straps are ideal for everyone.

Guitar-style strap

In all fairness, guitar-style straps are actually semi-guitar-style straps, as they only resemble the latter (as opposed to being identical with them, such a strap doesn’t exist up to date).

This type of ukulele strap requires a single button which needs to be installed at the bottom end of the instrument. The other end should be tied around the neck (or the headstock) behind the uke’s nut.

In essence, semi-guitar uke straps are ideal for people who already have an installed pickup which completely eliminates the need for drilling a hole for another uke strap button.

There are people who feel that this uke strap type feels more comfortable than the standard uke strap type, but there are also people who don’t want to drill an extra hole in fear of ruining their instrument.

Ukulele leash

Ukulele leash is definitely one of the most interesting ukulele strap types – it doesn’t require any uke strap buttons whatsoever. Even though this is a major advantage over the other two uke strap types, the main downside of using it is that it simply feels less comfortable than the other two.

In essence, a uke leash should be attached to the upper end of the neck on one side (just like semi-guitar uke strap type) while the other end should be attached to the player’s arm, waist, and such. There are numerous ways by which you can use a uke leash, and since it might leave you with a sense of slight discomfort, it’s recommended that beginners should avoid it.

Uke leash is ideal for players who are not immediate beginners but have some skill with the instrument. It’s only obvious that intermediate level ukulele players (and those at higher skill levels) wouldn’t be too interested in using it, as most of them already have a button or two installed on their instrument.

Mobius strap

Mobius strap is, basically, a variation of a uke leash. It leaves you with little room for improvisation, as you’ll need to strap and wrap it around your entire body, whereas uke leashes can be worn in several ways.

After you’ve attached the mobius strap to yourself, you should put the dangling end over the shoulder and wear it as if you were using a regular ukulele strap.

The bottom line is this – mobius straps are more secure than uke leashes, although they might feel slightly less comfortable to wear. On the upside, they’ll help you balance your ukulele in a more effective way, and just like ukulele leashes, they don’t require any sort of ukulele strap buttons.

While ukulele leashes aren’t exactly ideal for beginners, mobius straps are. They offer more balance and you won’t get that feel of insecurity that your instrument will fall if you move around too much. On the downside, you’ll probably get bored by putting it on and off after a couple of weeks.